Is that a violin I see?!

Many people are afraid of spider bites, but fear of brown recluse bites are especially strong. So how do you know if you’ve been bitten by one? First, identify. The brown recluse is probably best known for its violin marking, but its… Read More

Do It Yourself Home Termite Inspection

With the real estate market in full swing, you may be in the process of selling or buying a home (or both at the same time), or watching your neighbors buy or sell theirs. Or, maybe you’re watching the latest episode of HGTV’s Chip and Joanna as they… Read More

Do you have a rodent problem?

Before you blame one of your kids for eating part of the candy bar in the top drawer, perhaps you should first consider rodents. After all, your home is very attractive to rodents – comfortable, cozy, and filled with plenty of snacks for the whole family. Read More

A guide to keeping your family safe

We all know the inexplicable ability cockroaches possess to survive almost anything — they can even live up to one week without a head! But do these durable pests really pose a threat to humans? The answer is yes, unfortunately, they do. Cockroaches have… Read More

American Pest Management, Inc. earns mark of excellence!

American Pest Management, Inc., a pest management company with 37 years of experience, has earned the QualityPro Certification, the mark of excellence in pest management. Becoming a QualityPro Certified company means that American Pest Management, Inc., has taken extraordinary steps to ensure that consumers can rely on us. From running… Read More

Raccoons in the attic!

Raccoons are fuzzy and cute little animals that are very curious by nature, and curiosity is what killed the cat. Raccoons are strong, and they are amazing climbers with tiny little hands that are perfect for getting them into trouble. Sometimes at night you might hear noises coming from your… Read More

Why over-the-counter solutions aren’t the answer!

Bed bugs are a contact bug. They will move from place to place with the host (you). They can be brought into your home by someone who is infested or be picked up by you when you visit an infested home. They can generally be found within 5 feet of… Read More