American Pest Management, Inc. earns mark of excellence!

American Pest Management, Inc., a pest management company with 37 years of experience, has earned the QualityPro Certification, the mark of excellence in pest management. Becoming a QualityPro Certified company means that American Pest Management, Inc., has taken extraordinary steps to ensure that consumers can rely on us. From running… Read More

Raccoons in the attic!

Raccoons are fuzzy and cute little animals that are very curious by nature, and curiosity is what killed the cat. Raccoons are strong, and they are amazing climbers with tiny little hands that are perfect for getting them into trouble. Sometimes at night you might hear noises coming from your… Read More

Bed bugs? Over-the-counter solutions aren’t the answer!

Bed Bug FAQs Immediate bed bug treatment is crucial to keeping your family safe and free from annoying bites. Bed bugs are a contact bug. They will move from place to place with the host (you). They can be brought into your home by someone who is infested or be… Read More