Commercial Services

We understand that every business is unique and you may have specific expectations when it comes to keeping your workplace or property protected from pests. This is why American Pest Management, Inc. offers a free pest evaluation, guided by a QualityPro certified technician that will then customize your treatments based on your environment, needs and budget.

Our Specialties

Property Management

American Pest Management, Inc. understands that property management is not an easy task and you can be pulled in many unforeseen directions. That’s why we are here to help you maintain a pest free environment for your tenants and buildings with a plan built just for you and your budget. Don’t let pests cost your business millions of dollars or damage your brand.

Technician spraying treatment under a shelving unit.

Health Care Facilities

Health care facilities may be sterilized and clean, but they are not immune to pests. During your free pest evaluation, we will take into consideration that your building cannot be serviced in the same manner as manufacturing sites, retail outlets, hospitality facilities or office buildings. It needs special care and treatment designed for you, your patients, clients and employees.


Stores like yours are a primary target for pest infestations. We’ve seen pests that can carry disease, damage merchandise, and place the health and safety of your employees and customers at risk. You never know when one of your product shipments is shipping more than just product. Catch those critters before they multiply.

Hotels & Lodging

Caring for your guests is number one. That’s why we have designed treatments to consistently deliver exceptional quality service across all your properties, ensuring that your guests encounter safe, pest-free lodging and dining experiences. After all, we want your guests coming back don’t we?

Foodservice Industry

A cockroach, fly or rodent seen by a customer can be catastrophic when food safety is a concern. Pests may carry disease, can damage products, can compromise critical environments, and even tarnish reputations. In addition, audit requirements and increased government regulations and documentation expectations demand a more strategic pest management approach.

Warehouses & Distribution Centers

American Pest Management, Inc understands the critical role effective and efficient pest management plays in the success of your organization. That’s why we offer a number of treatments that can be tailored to fit your unique needs.

Technician examining a small space for pests.

Offices or Small Businesses

Are you thinking that you may not be big enough to be considered a commercial building? Don’t worry, we can still protect you from pests. American Pest Management realizes that all businesses are important regardless of your size. Call us today for your free pest evaluation and let us determine the right solution for you.


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