Pest Control for Kids

Why do Pests Exist? Even though pests are pesky at some times, they truly do have a purpose on earth. Termites break down dead wood, cockroaches and flies breakdown organic matter and food and bees pollinate flowers.

Activity Ideas

Good Bug vs. Bad Bug – Create a game that has a flash card of a Good Bug (Honey Bee) vs Bad Bug (Brown Recluse), Mosquito vs. Butterfly, Bed Bug vs. Praying Mantis, Black Widow vs Caterpillar, Ground Beetle vs. Scorpion –> Show 3 facts or icons on each card, have them Choose which one is good or bad.

Fun Facts- ie Termites work 24/7 365, they never sleep! The queen lays an egg every 15 seconds of her life!

Fun Projects with Bugs ( How to start an Ant Farm, Termites Bic Pen Line (emulates pheremone trails), downloadable craft projects, How to Start an Insect Collection

How to become an APM Junior Pest Management Professional (PMP) or Technician- Complete Flashcard game, Create an art project, send us a picture of the completed project(?)–> They will Earn an APM Junior Technician Badge, Flashlight, Magnifying glass, insect collections device, and a Coloring Book with Crayons

Other Resources

NPMA Pest World for Kids