What You Need To Know

Pest Control Services FAQs

How much does pest control services cost?

Every home, service, and infestation requires special attention by our expert technicians. The service cost depends on a variety of factors:

  • What type of pest are we working to eliminate? How bad is the infestation? How big is the area you want to protect?
  • Is there exclusion work that needs to be done to keep the pest out of your home or business?
  • Are there outlying factors that are drawing the pest to your home?

During your free expert pest evaluation we will be able to answer all of these questions and be able to answer your initial question.

Is your treatment safe for my family, pets, and employees?

Our expert technicians follow the EPA approved material label with each treatment. When doing so, our materials pose no additional risk whatsoever. The materials are mixed at a low concentration and applied in targeted areas to control the pest problem at hand. You can also be assured that the materials have been tested so that no damage is caused to your furniture, flooring, or any other surfaces in the home.

What type of preparation is needed for you to perform the best service possible?

For most treatments, no preparation is necessary except reducing stored items in areas that need to be protected. If a problem is found, our expert technicians and customer service representatives will guide you on preparation instructions. In most cases, a preparation sheet and checklist can be emailed to you.

How can I pay my bill?

Payment is expected at the time of service. Our technicians can accept payment and delivery it to our accounts receivable staff – it saves a stamp! If you miss your technician, you can print your invoice from your email inbox, then call into our office with a credit card, or log into your client portal on our website. You can also mail a check or payment information. For assistance with any of these options, contact one of our customer service representatives.

Do you have payment plans available?

Payment plans are available by placing a credit card on file, or authorizing an electronic fund transfer from your bank account on a monthly basis.

How do I know your technicians are qualified?

Combined, our technicians have over 210 years of experience. Our company is headed by K-State graduates/entomologists, and all of our technicians are certified by the state they work in. In 2016, we earned the QualityPro certification recognized by the National Pest Management Association. Becoming recognized as a QualityPro certified company means American Pest Management, Inc., has taken extraordinary steps to ensure that consumers can rely on us. From running criminal background checks on all of our employees, to using environmentally sound integrated pest management practices, QualityPro companies are committed to providing consumers with the most professional services.

We have nine K-State University grads, eight KPCA/K-State master technicians, two University of Nebraska termite school graduates, and two Oklahoma State University termite school graduates. We are active members on the National Pest Management Association and Kansas Pest Control Association.

What do I do if I continue to have a problem after you have provided a service?

Every service we provide has at least a 30-day warranty, unless specified otherwise at the time of your pest evaluation. All of our quarterly and monthly services have a continuous warranty, meaning if you notice any problems in your warranty period with the covered pests, we will return and retreat at no charge.

How soon should I see results from the treatment?

Our materials and techniques may take a few days to work. We expect that you will see a difference right after we treat your home, but you may still see some pests for two-three weeks after treatment. After that timeframe, if you are still having a problem, contact us right away.

How did I get this infestation?

Infestations can occur in a number of ways, ranging from the plant you picked up from your vacation, disruption from the construction across the street, a change in seasons, or from a guest that stayed with you three months ago. A free expert pest evaluation may help determine the origin of your bug problem.

How fast can one of your technicians visit my home/business if I have an emergency?

We make every effort to dispatch a technician to your home the same day in case of an emergency. Emergencies are defined as: public health, such as pests that could carry disease or injury to a client, or a case when there is a huge ant infestation in your kitchen and your mother in law is coming tomorrow.

If it is not an emergency, we try to schedule a time to visit your home within two-three business days.