There are an incredible 12,000 different kinds of beetles in the United States and over 300,000 species in the world. Beetles are found on land and in freshwater, and can adapt to almost any environment. Beetles usually live wherever they eat.

Common Misconceptions

​Once a lady beetle reaches adulthood and has wings, It is no longer growing and molting. Its colors and spots remain the same throughout Its adult life; they are not indicators of age. Many lady beetle species are named for their markings, however. The seven-spotted lady beetle, for example, has seven black spots on its red back.

Short Term Solution

Some simple things you can do to slow the infestation before we get to your home:

  • Seal all cracks around doors, windows, siding,and utility pipes with silicone caulk.
  • Make sure there are no tears in your window screens.
  • Install insect screening over your attic and exhaust vents.
  • You can attempt vacuuming ladybugs, but beware. They can release a yellow foul-smelling repellant.

Take action before winter starts. During late fall, ladybugs are known to look for a winter abode … and, unfortunately, that could be your home.

American Pest Long Lasting Solution

We can determine the size of infestation and pest control needs of your home with a free, no-cost, no obligation 20-minute pest audit.

Severe infestations need maximum treatment. We always look for permanent solutions to the problem at hand. Treatment options can include wall applications, attic treatments, tree trimming, exterior treatments, bait applications, or exclusion methods using caulking, expandable foam, steel wool, or door sweeps to seal beetles out.

For minor infestations, many times, we can come treat the problem and be out of your home the same day. However, to keep pests out of your home forever, preventative service may be recommended.