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For every one roach you see, there are 30 living within your walls. And to make it even worse, they carry 33 different diseases and infections. A single pair of German cockroaches, in perfect conditions, can grow to a massive family of more than 100,000 … in just three months. German cockroaches rely on you to provide food and water in order for them to survive. In 32 years of business, American pest has terminated more than 69,000,000,000 (that’s billion!) roaches.

Common Misconception

Folks often think that off-the-shelf products kill all cockroaches in an infestation. The truth is there are dozens more behind the wall voids nesting and multiplying. And if you can’t see them, you can’t eliminate them with these contact products, either.

Short Term Solution

In order to slow the infestation before we get to your home:

  • Make sure all of your counter tops, cabinets, floors, and window seals are free of any food crumbs and water. (This includes the dog food that FIDO slipped under the oven or fridge.) Roaches breed especially fast on high-protein diets.
  • Dry all counter tops and sinks after use.
  • Remove all cardboard, egg containers, and paper sacks from your kitchen. AND do not forget the items stuffed behind the refrigerator, breeding the next generation of roaches.
  • Vacuum your cabinets thoroughly (and throw away the vacuum bag). This will not only remove food from the cabinets, but also the roach egg capsules. Each egg capsule can hold up to 30 eggs inside.

American Pest Long Lasting Solution

We can determine the size of infestation and pest control needs of your home with a free, no-cost, no obligation 20-minute pest audit.

Larger infestations will require maximum options. Treatments, which work toward permanent solutions, can include wall void applications, attic treatments, tree trimming, exterior treatments, bait applications, or exclusion methods using caulking, expandable foam, steel wool, or door sweeps to seal the pest out.

For minor infestations, we can often treat the problem in a single day. However to keep pests out of your home for good, preventative service may be recommended.