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Fight those bug bites from ever taking place with a season-long treatment program.

It’s designed to treat a wide-range of pesky critters before they have a chance to chomp down on your or your loved ones. This includes defenses against mosquitoes, fleas, chiggers, and ticks.

How Ditch the Itch Program Works:

First, a certified American Pest Management technician will inspect your property, including the house itself, as well as the yard. Next, they will treat pests in all cycles of growth in order to eliminate current bugs, as well as further breeding.

Our Ditch the Itch program uses the most sophisticated integrated pest management techniques in order to protect your family from bug bites. Don’t let pests keep you from spending quality time outdoors!
We evaluate your home with these proven steps:

We evaluate your home with these proven steps:


The key to backyard bug control is to identify the areas that may harbor these unwanted biters. For mosquitoes, this can include plugged gutters, tires or a flowerpot with standing water. While fleas and ticks might hide in shady wooded areas that also appeals to wildlife and pets. Our expert technicians are trained to inspect all areas that may hide away these biting pests.


After identifying possible trouble areas, your expert technician will note larvae, droppings, or even adult forms of the pest. This stage determines which area may need additional attention during the application phase.


Next, your tech will take the full inspection and diagnosis into account to determine a customized plan of action that will best suit your home and yard. You may only need partial treatment, or specific shrub and tree application might be more appropriate.

A copy of the plan will be provided so you can better understand what’s being done, and what’s living in your yard. It will also include tips on how to prepare for treatment: mow the grass a day or two before your appointment, remove any toys (child/pet) from the area, etc.; and how to make the treatment more effective: change water in bird baths once a week, drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers, repair leaky faucets, trim overgrown bushes, shrubs, trees, etc.


First, your trained professional will help eliminate pest breeding areas; they will drain water, treat standing water with larvacide pellets, apply a mist to low lying shrubs, bushes, and trees, and target harborage areas for a treatment of the lawn.

Due to the safety of you, your family, and pets, we ask that you keep away from treated areas for at least four hours. For effectiveness do not treat bushes, trees, or shrubbery for at least two weeks after treatment.


You should start seeing results within 24 hours after backyard bug control treatment, however, it can take up to 10-14 days for full results to take hold.

Backyard Bug Control | Eliminate Bites This Summer

Eliminate bug bites this summer with backyard bug control by American Pest Management, Inc. Only female mosquitoes bite, but they can suck up to three times their body weight in blood. The itchy bite from their bite is caused by their saliva which they inject into your skin.
Eliminate bug bites this summer for you and your pets with backyard bug control by American Pest Management, Inc.Fleas can multiply faster than you can say “scratch”. Just one female can lay up to 50 eggs per day. Her offspring start to reproduce quickly and together, they can lay upwards of 44,000 eggs per day.
Eliminate bug bites with chigger control. Take back your yard this summer!Chiggers are actually a larvae form of a common mite. They do not travel far from their hatching site, which is why you normally experience a patch of bites instead of one or two.
No more bug bites this summer with tick control as part of Fight The Bite by American Pest Management, Inc.Ticks can carry serious diseases! These include Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis which affects the blood.
Full Season*One-Time Treatment*

*Offers are for yards measuring 5,000sq. ft. or less. Additional treatment is available for $30 per 1,000 sq.ft. over 5,000 sq.ft.