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Bat Removal

It is important to use safe measures when removing bats due to the likelihood of them having rabies. American Pest professionals are experts in bat removal and prevention and can safely rid your home or workplace of bat colonies. We will also identify and block access points and prevent bats from returning.

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Bat Prevention

Did you know bats will test your home for new entry points for up to 5 years? Prevent pests and wildlife, like bats, from returning with our America’s Choice Protection Program.

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Bat Relocation

Bats are protected by law in most states, so it is important to check with animal control or wildlife services for any regulations. Do NOT just take it outside and let it go. At this point, your home is also the bat’s home. It will just re-enter the home the same way he/she did last time. Instead, take the bat five miles down the road and release it.

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Sneaky Bats

A historic building was set to be Renovated in Downtown Clay Center. To their knowledge there hadn’t been any tenants, until they discovered they had to first evict the bats!

Learn About Bats

Learn more about bat prevention and control tips by downloading our free Pest Control DIY Guide today. It will give you step by step instructions on how to get rid of your bats as well as prevent future bats from entering your home.

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