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How It Works

    Inspection By Bed Bug Exterminator

Before a new tenant moves into a home or apartment we will thoroughly inspect the unit for the presence of bed bugs.


If there is no evidence found we will issue a certificate stating the unit is free of bed bugs. The property manager can include this certificate with the lease packet to assure the new tenant there are no bed bugs in their new home.

    Preventative Treatment

We also offer the certification program with a treatment option to be performed at the same time. We will guarantee the unit will remain free of bed bugs for 90 days with this service.

The Bed Bug Proactive Program Is For:

  • Senior Living
  • Business
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Multi-Family Living


Bed Bug ProActive | Because you can’t plan for a bed bug infestation

Bed bug exterminator – With PROActive, bed bugs are eliminated.

Our Process | How we keep you covered

  • Quarterly Crack and Crevice Treatments by Expert Bed Bug Exterminator
  • Preventative Bed Bug Treatment and Inspection 2 Times per Year
  • 2 Perimeter Treatments per Year Around the Buildings
  • Baiting for Ants, Roaches, Rats and Mice as Needed
  • Insect monitoring
  • Fogging as Needed
  • No Charge for Callbacks – Technician Will Report Within 2 Business Days of Report
  • Free Wildlife Inspections As Needed
  • Free Bed Bug Certification Inspections During Move Ins/Move Outs
  • No Charge for Bed Bug Curative Treatments After Initial Treatment/Inspection of all Units are Complete

Did you know?

If 7% of your units have had a bed bug infestation, switching to Bed Bug ProActive™ will save you money over basic pest control management.


Bed Bug ProActive™ doesn’t simply cover bed bugs. It is an all encompassing pest control program that easily integrates into your maintenance plan.

Bed Bug ProActive™ covers:

We Do What Others Don’t

Services You Will Find Only With American Pest Management, Inc.:

  • Proactively treat bed bugs
  • Cover all treatment costs if you ever get bed bugs
  • Provide written certification inspection forms by expert bed bug exterminator
  • 90 day guarantee bed bug free