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Pest Prevention In Hotel Properties

American Pest Management Inc. specializes in hotel pest control. We seek and destroy pests from the penthouse to the laundry room and everywhere in-between. It’s our mission to keep pests at bay so you (and your guests) can rest easy.

Don’t Risk Your Reputation On Uninvited Guests

With so many travelers checking in from all over the world, it’s difficult to keep hotel rooms pest free. Prevention is key to controlling pests and keeping guests happy. Get a bed bug infestation and suddenly your once sterling reputation is mud. After all, when pests come to stay, guests don’t.

Discretion Is Key

You don’t want your guests to be bothered with pest control. Together, we will find a time when occupancy is lowest and most guests have checked out to perform our inspection and maintenance services.

Hotel Pest Control Services

At American Pest Management, Inc. we know the complexity of hotel pest control. That’s why we’ve structured our services to protect your entire property, not just your hotel rooms. We will work with you to identify and protect your business from infestations and nuisance wildlife.

Our commercial hotel services include:

How It Works


During your free evaluation, we will discuss the pest issues you are facing in depth.


Next, we will thoroughly inspect the property and identify where pests may be entering the building and how to prevent this. We will give you our suggestions and treatment promises in a proposal that you can refer back to. If, for some reason, you ever feel we didn’t uphold our promises on the proposal, we will come and redo the treatment free of charge.


Finally, we will get to work securing your home against unwanted pests. Treatment may include exclusion services, baiting of termites and rodents, sticky traps for spiders, and creating a safe, non-toxic chemical barrier to entry for common pests like cockroaches. Exclusion means we create physical barriers to entry to the building. We will caulk around pipes coming into the property, fill any gaps in the foundation or walls depending on the layout of your building.