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Our Junior Pest Technician program features a cartoon beetle encouraging children to learn about pest control


Ready to Start Your Training As a Junior Pest Technician?

As a Junior Pest Technician, it is your job to help keep your family safe from pests in your home. During your training, you’ll learn about bad, harmful pests and which ones are just performing their role to make the world turn. Often, bugs aren’t pests if they aren’t in your home affecting the health of you and your family.

After all, why do bugs exist? Even though they are pesky sometimes, they truly do have a purpose on earth.

Bugs Are Fascinating Creatures.

Did you know that bees can detect human emotion through pheromones? We owe our beautiful spring flowers to pollination by bees, and they give us sweet honey to eat. Termites clear pathways from debris in the woods so we can still hike and walk. Cockroaches, ants, and flies help turn our food waste into nutrient-dense soil. And spiders make sure other bugs don’t overrun the place. Every bug has its place on Earth.

Unfortunately, like a lot of things in this world, bad comes with the good. Bees can sting. Termites can eat the wood in your home. Cockroaches and flies carry disease. And a spider’s bite is painful and can be poisonous.

Often, when bugs are in your home, they’re just doing what they’d be doing outside: looking for food. They don’t mean any harm, but they sure can cause it!

Become an official Junior Pest Technician

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As a Junior Pest Technician, you’ll receive:

  • An official Junior Pest Technician packet. We need your help to keep your family safe!
  • Activities and crafts throughout the year. (We especially celebrate the creepy crawlies – like bats and spiders – around Halloween.)
  • Invitations to special events where you can meet friends and other Junior Pest Technicians like you!

Grab A Parent & Sign Up Now To Become A Junior Pest Technician

    By checking this box, I authorize my child to receive occasional emails and activities through the mail from American Pest Management, Inc. I recognize that it is my responsibility to check for age appropriateness before giving it to my child. The Junior Pest Technician program is designed for children between 5-9 years old. We do occasionally give out smaller toys like stickers that can be a choking hazard for toddlers. Please ensure your child safely enjoys our gifts.

Pest Coloring Book for children entomolygists

Activity Ideas

Want more? Ask your parent or teacher to print off our amazing coloring book so you can design critters of your own.

Travel through the alphabet with our A-Z Coloring Book! These bugs won’t bite! Click HERE to download.

Monthly Junior Pest Activities

Every month we send fun new activities to our Junior Pest Technicians. From buggy slime to recycled spiders, these activities are a colorful way to learn about bugs in your home and yard.

See Monthly Activities

Plastic bugs in green slime | kids bug crafts

Other Resources

Wanting more ideas to explore the wild world of critters? Grab a parent and check out the National Pest Management Association’s Pest Control for Kids! There are eBooks, videos and even crafts that you get up close and personal with all sorts of bugs!