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America’s Choice

Platinum Program

The Platinum Program builds upon the hearty foundation of the Gold Program, offering protection from termites as well.

It includes all of the elements of the Gold Program as well as:

  • Termite control featuring Sentricon termite colony elimination system

Gold Program

The Gold Program builds upon the Silver Program. It helps to control rats and mice as well as both carpenter ants and fleas.

It includes all of the elements of the Silver Program and these additional benefits:

  • Four perimeter treatments a year instead of three
  • Baiting/monitoring for rats and mice

Silver Program

The Silver Program helps control all the pests of the Bronze Program but adds carpenter ants or fleas and boxelder bugs under its umbrella.

It includes all the elements of the Bronze Program and these additional benefits:

  • Four premium inside applications per year
  • Attic treatment (once per year)
  • Baiting for ants and roaches

Bronze Program

The Bronze Program is the base level of home protection. It helps control roaches, crickets, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, rolly pollies, and wasps.

It includes:

  • An annual Pest Evaluation of your home
  • An annual termite inspection
  • Year round monitoring for other pests upon request/as needed
  • Three perimeter treatments per year (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Fight the Bite

A separate program for outdoor pest control during the summer, Fight the Bite helps control mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and chiggers in your yard and around your home.

It includes:

  • Yard inspection during each visit
  • Two yard treatments in season (on initial and third application)
  • Four misting services in season (April – September)
  • Larvicide application in standing water – as needed