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Brown recluse spiders are easily recognizable by the violin or fiddle-looking mark on their back. These spiders are reclusive by nature, so they will not be in open areas. More commonly these spiders will be in closets crawl spaces or areas of the home with low traffic levels.

The brown recluse is difficult to identify quickly. As its name indicates, it is dark brown to brown or tan. The spider is usually about 3/8 of an inch long and 3/16 of an inch wide, and is about the size of a quarter, including its legs. The most striking marking of a mature brown recluse is a dark violin shape behind its head with the neck of the violin pointing toward the abdomen. However, other spiders have similar markings. The abdomen is uniformly colored and is covered with numerous fine hairs that provide a velvety appearance. The long, thin, brown legs also are covered with fine hairs. Males are slightly smaller in body length but with longer legs. Both sexes are venomous. One of the best ways to identify the brown recluse is its eyes — most spiders have eight, but the brown recluse has only six arranged in pairs in a semicircle on the forepart of the head, or cephalothorax.

These spiders can be found both in and outdoors. They can thrive in man-made areas, which makes them more of a threat to your family. They may also live in areas outdoors, such as wood piles, storage sheds, or large stones.

Common Misconception

A common misconception of the brown recluse is that it has a much wider range in the United States than it actually does. These spiders are only found in the southwest and lower part of the Midwest. Unfortunately, Kansas is included in this area.

Short Term Solution

  • When storing clothes make sure that you put then in a plastic container that seals tightly.
  • When putting on shoes, or clothing that has not been handled in a while shake before putting on.
  • When making your bed make sure that none of the sheets or blankets are hanging to the ground making easy access to the bed.
  • In areas of low traffic vacuum all spider webs and dispose of immediately.
  • When handling cardboard boxes or other storage items it is a good idea to wear protective gloves.

American Pest Long-Term Solution

  1. We can determine the size of the infestation and pest control needs of your home with a FREE NO COST NO OBLIGATION 20 Minute Pest Evaluation Severe infestations need maximum treatment we always look for permanent solutions to the problem at hand. We can treat all areas of the home including crawl spaces and attics.
  2. The spider is largely a scavenger, preferring dead insects. Eliminating other insects will naturally help keep the brown recluse under control. The best way to keep Brown Recluse spiders out of your home and away from your family is to sign up for one of our preventative services, to not only control the Brown Recluse but all of your pest concerns.

Service Option For Spiders

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