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Short Term Solution

The most effective way to prevent voles are:
  • To keep lawns, vegetation and cultivated areas well-trimmed by mowing, spraying or grazing.
  • Eliminate weeds, ground cover and litter in and around crops and lawns to reduce the capacity of those areas to support voles.
  • Keep mulch at least three feet from the bases of trees.
  • Soil tillage is also helpful as it destroys existing burrow systems.

American Pest Long-Term Solution

Call for a free, no obligation Pest Evaluation. It will only take 20 minutes.Once we identify the problem, one of our highly-trained technicians will provide several solutions that are right for you and your budget.

Service Option For Voles

Voles are covered in our America's Choice package. This program gives your home protection against common pests, plus the most unpredictable infestations.