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Imagine purchasing your dream home and eagerly planning out how you’re going to paint and decorate the rooms to align them with your vision. One day, while taking out a non-weight bearing wall to convert your living room to an open floor plan, you find termite trails. Upon further inspection by a professional, it turns out the colony has caused thousands of dollars in structural damage. The repairs eat up your remodel budget, and you’re left devastated with a half-done room.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a nightmare scenario that happens to a select few. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 homes in the U.S. already have termites or are at serious risk for getting them. Colonies can stretch the length of a football field, so if your neighbor has damage, it’s likely you do too.

In fact, termites cause an estimated 5 Billion dollars in damages to US homes every year. You’re more likely to have termite damage than you are to be affected by severe storms or fire. You didn’t invest tens of thousands of dollars on your home just to watch its value plummet because of a tiny pest.

Normally, we include termite protection only in our largest pest plans, but the weather conditions have been perfect for growing termite colonies.

We want to ensure all of our clients are protected and can rest easy knowing they won’t lose their biggest asset to an infestation.

Because of this, we’re offering local customers the chance to protect their investment at deeply discounted rates.

Sentricon stations are installed in a circle around your home a few feet apart. It is a smart bait system that kills and eliminates termite colonies. It eliminates threats instead of just creating a barrier.


Sentricon bait system avoids the need to dig a trench around your home like a traditional liquid barrier system would require.


When installing a conventional liquid barrier around your home, pest professionals often have to dig a 6-inch wide and 6-inch deep trench around the exterior foundation. This can cause disruption to your landscaping and soil grade around your home. When American Pest Management, Inc. installs the Sentricon Stations around your home, no trenching is necessary, leaving your home protected without affecting your landscaping.

Sentricon bait system keeps you from having to drill holes into your concrete like a traditional liquid barrier system requires you to for termite treatment.


A conventional liquid treatment requires holes to be drilled into the concrete every 12-18 inches in areas where termites could invade your home. In some cases, holes are drilled through your foundation, cinder block walls, front porch, tile floors and the brick veneer to allow access for chemicals to be injected where they will be most effective. American Pest Management, Inc. prefers the Sentricon System because it is rare that any holes need to be drilled into the concrete that provides the structural foundation for your home. Termites don’t damage the concrete, why should we?

Sentricon bait system keeps you from dumping hundreds of gallons of chemicals into your yard like traditional liquid barrier systems require you to. It's the smarter termite control option.


A conventional liquid treatment requires on average 250-300 gallons of chemical to be injected into the ground. The Sentricon System requires no liquid chemicals to be injected into the ground, eliminating any chances of contaminating water sources, poisoning plants, and removing the need of chemicals to set next to your most valuable asset, your home! By utilizing the Sentricon System as the preferred method of treatment over the past 15 years, American Pest Management, Inc. has saved 1,500,000 gallons of chemicals from being injected into our soil.

Sentricon bait system doesn't require chemicals to be poured into your lawn.


A liquid treatment requires an average of 250-300 gallons of chemical to be used around your home. Trucks full of chemicals are parked outside your home. If a spill happens, 100-300 gallons of chemicals could be introduced into sewer systems or into our soil if not handled properly. With Sentricon, hundreds of gallons of chemicals aren’t necessary. American Pest Management, Inc. has actually incorporated 4 cars into our fleet due to choosing the Sentricon System as our preferred termite control method. We are not only using fewer chemicals, we are also choosing to be energy efficient!

Sentricon bait system is much faster to install than a traditional liquid barrier system. You don't even have to be home when our technicians come to install, so no more scheduling conflicts to figure out. It's the smarter termite control option.


It can take 4-6 hours for one technician to perform a conventional liquid barrier treatment. Trips in and out of your home will also be necessary. With the Sentricon System one technician can usually install the bait traps in less an hour. Sentricon is simpler and easier than liquid treatment, and it won’t break down over time if maintained. In a preventative situation, our technician does not have to enter your home during installation.

Sentricon® is a registered trademark of Dow Agrosciences