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Why Do You Need Termite Control?

Termite control is extremely important for any homeowner. Kansas is a haven for these pesky pests, and their underground colonies can grow up to a million termites strong. Colonies co-exist peacefully so it’s not uncommon for an infested home to be a meal ticket for more than one.

Termites thrive in Kansas’ climate. Wet springs and warm summer weather make conditions perfect for colonies to grow – unseen, underground. Their activity above ground usually goes unnoticed until they’ve caused thousands of dollars in damages. This is why termite control is vital to protect your biggest investment.

Imagine purchasing your dream home and eagerly planning out how you’re going to paint and decorate the rooms. One day, while taking out a non-weight bearing wall to convert your living room to an open floor plan, you find termite trails. Upon further inspection by a professional, it turns out the colony has caused costly structural damage. The repairs eat up your remodel budget, and you’re left devastated with a half-done room.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a nightmare scenario that happens to a select few. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 homes in the U.S. already have termites or are at serious risk for getting them. Colonies can stretch the length of a football field, so if your neighbor has damage, it’s likely you do too.

In fact, termites cause an estimated $5 Billion in damages to US homes every year. You’re more likely to have termite damage than you are to be affected by severe storms or fire. You didn’t invest tens of thousands of dollars on your home just to watch its value plummet because of a tiny pest.
Termite control is extremely important in order to avoid the thousands of dollars in damages they can cause. They cause $5 Billion in damages to homes every year. Don't let your home be a statistic.

About Termites

Subterranean termites build their colonies underground in a series of tunnels that can span city blocks with up to a million members. The fertile queens that supply the colonies with worker termites have been known to live decades, even up to 50 years. If you have an infestation near you, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Cold weather months may make these guys move a little slower as they have to burrow deeper into the ground to find warmth, but they’re still active.

Subterranean termites are incredible creatures. They are so in tune with their environment that they feel the temperature of the soil change when an object is laid on it. To see if it is a possible food source, they’ll send a few scouts to burrow to the top to check it out. If it’s wood or material they can use as food, they’ll begin sending more and more worker termites to scavenge resources to feed the colony.

If you’re storing firewood near your home, or even leaving un-raked leaves in your yard in the fall, you may be inviting termite colonies to feast on one of your largest personal assets.

You may not hear about them on the news, but termites cause more damage to US homes than tornadoes or fires combined. They cause $5 billion in damages each year. Protecting your home from termites is imperative.

Termite Control Q&A

Why Baiting is Best

American Pest Management, Inc. and the Sentricon System protects your home 24/7/365. The process starts as soon as the termites find the station and start feeding on the poisonous bait. We are attacking their home before they attack yours. The Sentricon System continuously protects your home without deteriorating.
Your American Pest Management, Inc. Certified Sentricon Specialist will regularly inspect your home and the bait stations. They will replenish the bait and fix broken or damaged stations. With annual service visits, your system will be as effective in 20-30 years as it was on day one.
Termite bait technology changed the industry in the 90s. It has steadily gained popularity among homeowners and Pest Management Professionals (PMP) since its introduction.

Smart Science and the 3 Step Process for Termite Control

The Sentricon System destroys the Termite Queen and her colony without disrupting your lawn, landscaping or foundation. That’s because there is no structural drilling or trenching and digging around your foundation. The stations are simply put in the ground around your home, forming a protective ring. Termites prefer the bait found in Sentricon over wood. Its active ingredient, noviflumuron, prevents them from molting.

Step 1 – A Certified Sentricon Specialist checks for signs of termites.
Step 2 – Stations are placed around your home, and the bait immediately begins working.
Step 3 – Your Certified Sentricon Specialist makes sure the stations are always working.

To learn more about Sentricon visit their website.

Termite Real Estate Inspections

Termites damage more homes yearly than fires and tornadoes combined. That’s why termite inspections are critical for prospective homeowners and business owners.

We’ll schedule the inspection at your convenience, delivering the report in a form accepted by FHA, VA, FMHA, HUD and other national lenders. That’s just one less thing you have to worry about.

Learn more about our Real Estate Termite Inspections or schedule an inspection today. Learn More

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