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Getting rid of Ants usually requires professional attention. Although sprays and home treatments may provide temporary relief, we highly recommend you call American Pest as soon as possible so we can permanently get rid of the pests.

Something you should know

Ants are the #1 pest in the world. Each colony can grow to more than 1 MILLION strong. Some can even damage your home. There are more ants than meet the eye. For every 100 ants you see in your home, there are an estimated 100,000 that you can’t see hiding in your walls or in your floors. They are ‘distance runners’ so to speak, sometimes traveling the entire length of a football field, over fences and fields to invade your home.v

Common Misconception

‘Off The Shelf’ products do not kill all the ants. Products on TV claim that their product will ‘kill on the spot’; this is true, but only true for the ants that you see. There are many more behind the walls, and in your floor.

ID Ants in Kansas

Short Term Solution

Some simple things you can do to slow the infestation before we get to your home:

  • If you see ants coming out of places like electrical outlets, baseboards, windows, etc. place a piece of tape over it. However, this will only temporarily seal that area. Many times they will find other areas to come through.
  • Clean, sweep and scrub! Make sure all your counter tops, floors, and window seals are free of any food crumbs – this even means food that slides under the oven. Any food, especially sweets, will draw ants to your home.
  • Remove all organic material (including leaves, twigs, grass clippings, etc.) away from your foundation. Ants love to use these materials to build nests.

American Pest Long Lasting Solution

Get rid of ants for good with our help!

  • We can determine the size of infestation and pest control needs of your home with a FREE NO COST, NO OBLIGATION 20 Minute PEST AUDIT.
  • With a bad infestation you will have to have maximum treatment. We always look for permanent solutions to the problem at hand. Treatment could include wall void applications, attic treatments, tree trimming, caulking and more.
  • For minor infestations, many times, we can come treat the problem and be out of your home the same day. However, to keep pests out of your home for good, preventative service may be recommended.