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Pantry Pest Control

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"Pantry pests" is a classification used for insects that infest grains and other stored food products. They can create major issues for business owners in the food service industry and be a major nuisance in homes. Many of these pests are tiny, making it hard to spot an infestation until it is overgrown. No one wants to open up their cabinets to beetles or weevils, so it's important to learn how to prevent them.

The key is to working with a licensed and certified pantry pest exterminator. American Pest Management provides exceptional pantry pest control services all around Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas.

Need Pantry Pest Control?

If you have found an ongoing pantry pest infestation in your cupboard, you are likely looking for the quickest options for pantry pest extermination. It can be harder than you think to get rid of them on your own, so it’s important to know who to turn to for help. Although pantry pests won’t bite or sting you, they can contaminate food and be some of the most frustrating pests to deal with. Our pantry pest exterminators at American Pest Management can show you how to keep them out for good.

Pantry Pest Exterminators for YOUR HOME

Residential Pantry Moth Extermination

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to find in your pantry is an infestation of beetles or moths. If you need help getting rid of the pantry pests in your home, the pantry pest extermination team at American Pest Management is here to help.

We will take these steps to protect your home from pantry pests:

  1. Our technicians will inspect your property to find the source of the infestation and identify the pantry pest species.
  2. We will apply the necessary pantry pest control products and treatments.
  3. After getting rid of them, we will help you set up exclusion efforts to prevent them from getting in again.
  4. We will continue to be available for advice and pantry pest prevention tips.

Pantry Pest Prevention for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Pantry Pests Out of Commercial Properties

Pantry pests can be a serious disruption to businesses, especially in the food service or processing industries. Rice weevils in particular are notorious for contaminating food and leading to recalls and halts in operations. If you want to protect your business in Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas from pantry pests, you can trust our experts at American Pest Management.

Our pantry pest exterminators know what it takes to keep beetles, weevils, moths, and more out of your commercial property.

American Pest Management Reviews

Very thorough service that uncovered and addressed pest issues we didn’t know about…also set up a schedule to follow up to ensure everything is resolved. Great service by knowledgeable professionals!

– Emily H.

Pest Control You Can Trust

At American Pest Management, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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