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Gutter Cleaning

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Although the fall in Manhattan, KS has some nice perks, like gorgeous foliage and a break from the sweltering heat of summer, it also creates more chores around the house. It’s easy to rake up the fallen leaves around your yard, but what about your gutters? Leaves and debris that accumulate in your gutters can cause several different issues, and the clutter itself is hard to remove. Fortunately for you, we offer a thorough gutter cleaning service here at American Pest Management. If you want to learn more about the benefits of professional gutter cleaning, read on!

Problems with Clogged Gutters

There are multiple issues that clogged gutters can cause. These are some of the most costly:

Broken gutters: If you allow a significant amount of debris to build up in your gutters, especially during a season of heavy rainfall, your gutters can crack, requiring expensive repair or replacement.

Wet basement: Overflowing gutters can cause excess water to flow down to your foundation and create excess moisture in your basement. This can lead to damaged items, mold, mildew, and more.

Wall and ceiling damage: Pooling water in your gutters can seep into your walls and ceiling through the wooden boards to which your gutters are affixed. 

Pest infestation: One of the biggest issues that moisture in the house creates is an opportunity – and a reason – for pests to enter. All kinds of insects, some spiders, rodents, and other pests are attracted to the conditions that excess moisture creates.

American Pest Management’s Gutter Cleaning Service

Gutter cleaning can be an arduous or even dangerous process. Let us handle it for you! Our service includes:

  • Clearing out debris from gutters and downspouts with a high-powered blower
  • Hand-removal of any large accumulations that couldn’t be blown out
  • Downspout clog test
  • Blowing gutter trash off of flat areas and into the property’s natural landscape (bagging option for additional charge)
  • A 30 day gutter performance guarantee

Our prices are as follows: $165+tax for 1 story homes, $190+tax for two story homes, inspection followed by a quote for 3+ story homes. If you’re an existing customer of American Pest Management, you’ll enjoy $25 off your service!

Effective Gutter Cleaning Service in Manhattan KS

If you want to clear the leaves out of your gutters, you can trust our expert technicians at American Pest Management. We’ve served Manhattan KS residents for years, ensuring that your gutters keep doing their job: diverting water away from your home. Contact us today to schedule your service!

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Gutter Cleaning Serving Manhattan and Wichita

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