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Pest Control Services for Property Management 

Your top priority is your tenants. At American Pest Management, we get this. We understand that with your busy schedule – juggling maintenance, tenant issues, budgeting, and much more – the last thing you have time for is an unexpected pest infestation. That’s why we go above and beyond with every service. We don’t just eliminate and prevent pests; we’re your dedicated partner in property management pest control services.

If you’re a property manager in charge of multifamily housing, office buildings, or business properties in the Manhattan, KS area, call us today! Our experienced team makes pest control for the property management industry easy for you because we understand:

  • Fast and responsive service is crucial: When you find an unexpected pest infestation, you need help right away – not next week. 
  • You can’t always see what’s going on in occupied properties: You might not know if conditions inside properties are encouraging pest problems. Our pros recognize the early warning signs and take care of problems before they get bad.
  • Discretion is key: You don’t just want the problem gone now – you also don’t want your tenants to know there was a problem. We offer flexible scheduling and strive to blend into the background so we don’t draw your customers’ attention to the pest concern. We operate like an extension of your team, hearing your needs, remembering your hot-button issues, and proactively working to keep your building pest-free.
  • You’re constantly putting out fires: From lease paperwork to showings to managing other employees and handling tenant complaints, there are barely enough hours in the day. You don’t have time to proactively monitor your grounds and structures for potential pest problems. We do.
  • Long-term protection is a must: Eliminating the active infestation is one thing; making sure pests don’t come back is just as important. Our pest control experts will determine where issues are originating and why, providing an extra level of prevention for you.
  • You’re looking for outstanding value: Our goal is to get the best results while using highly effective and targeted treatments. By partnering with you, staying ahead of pest problems, and only using treatments where they’ll have the greatest effect, we can ensure our treatments are economical for you.

Experienced Exterminators for Property Managers of All Types

Managing the properties in your portfolio is a one-of-a-kind job that requires specialized attention. At American Pest Management, we understand this – and that’s why we offer pest control services tailored to the properties you manage.

We have 43 years of experience partnering with property managers in the following industries:

Pest Control Services for Apartments and Multifamily Housing 

In apartments and multifamily housing, the challenges of pest control are unique. Apartments provide the ideal conditions for pests to thrive and migrate between units, making rapid infestations a real threat. 

Pest Control Services for HOA/Condos/Townhouses/Rental Properties

In Homeowner Associations (HOAs), infestations can occur in various locations, including yards, parks, and homes, and they can quickly spread from one home to another if not addressed promptly. Our technicians work closely with your HOA to identify and eliminate pest problems swiftly and safely, ensuring they don’t return. Our number one goal is keeping residents happy and safe. 

Pest Control for Office Buildings

As an office building manager, you answer to multiple different business owners with their unique personalities and demands, not to mention any additional building code requirements. At American Pest Management, we understand this, and we’ll work with you to create an office building pest control plan that works for you.

Pest Control for Retail Stores and Strip Malls

Maintaining a pest-free environment is the first step toward creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers.  Whether you own a retail building or shopping center in the Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas area, our experienced pest control team is here to ensure your property is protected over the long term.

Reliable Property Management Pest Control in Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas

With over 43 years of helping property managers with pest control around Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas and the surrounding area, we have tried and trusted strategies to keep all kinds of pests out of businesses and residents’ homes. From apartments to HOAs to office buildings and retail storefronts, we have the experience and cutting-edge treatments to get you the results that you need.

By partnering with us for year-round pest control services for your properties, you’re ensuring the well-being of your tenants and your reputation. Give us a call today to get started.

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