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Snakes are much more comfortable when they're out in nature and far from us, but sometimes they stumble upon our properties. Garter snakes and water snakes are active in Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas, and even though they'd rather not live around our homes and businesses, they sometimes end up there and will bite when they feel threatened. It's safest to work with professional snake removal experts when you find snakes on your property.

American Pest Management is proud to be your local leader in snake removal. We know how terrifying snakes can be, so we offer quick, safe, and effective trapping services.

Common Snakes in Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas

Snake Pest Control Professionals

It’s necessary to have a snake control plan in place for when you find them on your property. Although the snakes living around Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas aren’t aggressive by nature, they do have venom and will bite to protect themselves. It’s important to know that snakes are good hiders, so if you see one on your property, you might have a snake nest nearby. Finding snakes in your yard warrants an immediate call to your local snake control company.

Snake Exterminators for YOUR HOME

Residential Snake Control

Snakes can survive in Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas year-round, so it’s important to know who to call for snake removal services. At American Pest Management, we provide a full-scope snake removal service, making sure that we take care of all ongoing snake problems and also help prevent future snakes from nesting or living nearby.

Here’s how we will keep you safe from snakes:

  1. Our snake control technicians will inspect your property to identify the source of the infestation and the snake species.
  2. We will apply snake control products and take exclusion efforts to keep snakes away.
  3. We will provide ongoing snake control and prevention advice to help you prevent future problems.


Snake Exterminators for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Snakes Away From Commercial Properties

All business owners should have a plan to keep snakes off of their commercial property. If snakes build nests around the perimeter of your business, you could put employees and customers in danger and lose business from scared patrons. Snake removal services can be essential in keeping your business up and running and in good standing.

With more than 43 years of snake control experience, we know what it takes to keep snakes out of your commercial property all year long.

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Very thorough service that uncovered and addressed pest issues we didn’t know about…also set up a schedule to follow up to ensure everything is resolved. Great service by knowledgeable professionals!

– Emily H.

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