A Food Processing Facility

Because of the sheer quantity of stored, perishable goods in a food processing facility, the risk of pest infestations is higher than in most other industries. All commercial buildings must pass certain inspections in order to stay in business, so it goes without saying that a pest outbreak in a food processing plant can shut down your business. This can cost the company huge losses, adversely affect employees, and necessitate many product recalls.

For these reasons, you must team up with a professional exterminator with experience working in the food processing industry. American Pest Management takes an exhaustive and calculated approach to food processing plants around Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas.

Pest Problems that Food Processing Facilities Face

Food processing plants are likely to be attacked by cockroaches, flies, ants, pantry pests, rodents, and many more. It is necessary to set in place a storage pest control plan to protect employees, products, and the business from the dangers they cause. These threats include:

  • Foodborne illnesses and diseases
  • Property damage to fixtures, wires, and machines
  • Necessary recalls post-transportation
  • Filthy and costly masses

Plan for Food Processing Pest Control

It is imperative to work with an experienced exterminator who can protect your property from pest problems throughout the year. Our technicians at American Pest Management will take the following steps to clear your food processing facility of pests:

  1. A complete property inspection making notes of the inside and outside
  2. Assessment of active pests and the causes of their arrival
  3. A newly drafted pest control plan suiting your needs and meeting your building’s regulations
  4. Exclusion efforts like ceiling entry points and other necessary measures
  5. Continued visits from a dedicated team as needed

Safe Food Processing Facility Extermination

Maintaining a pest-free environment is the only way to ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly at your food processing plant. To maintain a productive and safe facility all year long, American Pest Management can provide routine inspections and treatments. For more information on our industry-leading food processing facility pest control services, contact us today!

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