emerald ash borer eating a leaf - a common invasive pest in kansas

Have you noticed an increasing number of pests wreaking havoc on the plants and trees in your neighborhood? You’re not just imagining it! There are an increasing number of pests migrating to Kansas, and some of them are actually invasive. Not only do they outcompete native species for resources, but they also cause damage to crops, forests, and outdoor recreational areas. Moreover, invasive pests can spread diseases and impact human health. 

What’s An Invasive Pest?

These pests are not native to the area and have come over through a variety of means, often times destroying native species of plants and animals in their wake. By knowing what to look for and how to fight them, we can reduce their spread.

5 Common Kansas Pests You May Not Realize Are Invasive

Some pests are so common that you take their presence for granted. It’s hard to imagine living without them. But they weren’t always here. Let’s explore five common invasive pests in Kansas that might have slipped under your radar:

  • Emerald Ash Borer: A sneaky green beetle that originally hails from Asia and invaded the U.S. in 2002. With an insatiable appetite for ash trees, it can swiftly destroy the tree. By tunneling under the bark, this beetle disrupts the trees’ water and nutrient supply, eventually starving them to death. Left unchecked, the entire ash tree population is at risk. You can play a crucial role in stopping this pest by refraining from moving firewood from infested areas and promptly reporting any signs of damage to a tree expert.
  • House Sparrow: You may not think of a bird as a pest, but these birds are invasive and found throughout the U.S. Originally coming to the U.S. from Europe in the mid-1800’s, they have spread throughout the country. These birds compete with native bird species for nesting space and sometimes even evict other birds from their nests. House Sparrows are known to be aggressive, hoarding food sources and pushing out desirable bird species. They are known to transmit over 25 diseases to humans, pets, and livestock. 
  • Kudzu Bug: Since its arrival in 2009, this pest has become a severe economic pest of the soybean crop. These pests seek shelter in tree bark, gaps in the siding of your home, and sometimes even gutters. When crushed, these bugs emit a foul odor similar to a stink bug. Take action against this nuisance by sealing cracks and inspecting plants for damage.
  • Pharaoh Ants: Originally from Africa, these pests made their way to the U.S.  in the early 20th century. Despite their small size, these invasive ants can cause significant damage. They infest buildings rapidly, seeking out food and water sources. Pharaoh ants spread harmful bacteria, such as salmonella and streptococcus, and pose a health risk, especially in healthcare facilities. Their ability to establish large colonies and resist many common pest control methods makes them a persistent and troublesome pest.
  • Argentine Ants: In the 1900s, tiny brown ants from South America invaded California, forming massive colonies. These ants outnumber and overpower native ants and other insects, while also protecting pests such as aphids and scales, which harm crops and gardens. Argentine ants are a nuisance to urban dwellers, infiltrating homes and buildings in search of food and water. Fight back against these intruders by avoiding the movement of infested plants, sealing cracks or gaps in your home or building, and utilizing ant baits or insecticides. Call a pest control expert for assistance if necessary.

Rely on the Experts with American Pest Management

The most effective approach is to prevent invasive species introduction and spread is to prevent their introduction and spread in the first place. However, if your property or business is already under siege, you need the expertise of American Pest Management. As your trusted pest control company serving Kansas since 1946, we have provided trusted pest relief to residents and business owners alike.

Equipped with extensive experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art tools, we have the experience, knowledge, and tools to identify, eliminate, and prevent invasive pests. Contact American Pest Management today for a free inspection and estimate.

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