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Treating for termites before construction begins can help you defend against possible claims in the future. We have three options for termite protection during the building phase. They include a liquid application before the home or business is built, a wood treatment applied when the building is in the dried-in phase, and a baiting system featuring the Sentricon System that is installed post landscaping. All treatments include a 5 Year Guarantee with the option for the homeowner to renew.

Pre-Construction Treatment

(3 Options)

Wood Treatment

The wood treatment is to be applied when the construction enters into what is known as the “dried in phase.” Which means the roof is on, the windows are in, but before the siding or building wrap is installed. The Bora-Care treatment consists of treating all wood in a structure that a subterranean termite would first come into contact with. In crawl spaces and basements we treat sill plates, faceplates and joists 24 inches out as well as any wood in contact with piers. On a slab structure, we treat all studs 24 inches up from the concrete. Then on the exterior, we would treat 24 inches up on the exterior wood sheathing. This treatment comes with a 5-Year No Fee Warranty as well as a 5-year Structural Warranty from the manufacturer of the product. After 5 years the homeowner can renew the warranty to continue their termite protection. If renewed the structural warranty will extend up to 12-Years at no additional charge.

Conventional Liquid Treatment

During a pre-construction phase, treating the soil or sand before the slab is poured has been a tried and true method for over 50 years. This treatment will form a barrier between the ground slab and the masonry that will prevent the insects from approaching the building. Not only does this add value to the home, but also protects builders against any future claims.

Bait Treatment

The Sentricon System is a baiting program that works with the natural biology of termites. We will place Sentricon Monitoring Stations around the exterior of the property when final grade is complete. The stations will catch the termites in the act of random foraging. Once we catch termites in the stations we take the live termites, recruit them into the top of a bait tube, and then allow them to eat the bait, take it back to the colony, feed the rest of the colony, and in turn eliminate the whole colony. This long-term baiting program that cycles through three phases monitoring, baiting, eliminating, and then back to monitoring. By installing the system at the time of construction the system will catch the termites before they get to the home. And since the Sentricon System works with the same efficacy whether it has been in the ground 1 day or 20 years we will be able to eliminate termites for years to come.

The Sentricon System is also an all-inclusive termite protection program.  This method includes all bait used on the property, any replacement stations, and any spot treatments for termites if termites show up in the future.  The Sentricon System is the only termite protection program that has proven that it eliminates termite colonies. The program renews on an annual basis. The initial install includes the installation and the first 5 years of monitoring. After 5 years the program then can be renewed for an annual or monthly fee.

Post-Construction Treatment

If pre-construction methods have not taken place for termite protection, a standard assessment will have to take place first of the entire area. This would most likely be for projects where demo or remodeling is taking place. We would determine the extent of the termite damage (if any), location of the termites, access points and their spread within the area. Recommended treatment would be determined based on findings.

Why We Choose Sentricon®

  • Sentricon® is the #1 brand in termite protection.
  • It’s the ONLY product proven to eliminate the entire termite colony.
  • It’s used around millions of structures, including: Statue of Liberty, White House, U.S. Capitol.
  • It’s environmentally-friendly: Sentricon® was awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award
  • Sentricon® protects your structure from the threat of termites 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Great feature if/when selling your home