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Boxelder Bugs, measuring around half an inch long with their distinctive red and black markings, often invade Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas homes, causing frustration for homeowners. Sometimes called box beetles, they are often confused with stink bugs as they emit a pungent smell when agitated or crushed. Despite their common name, they’re not beetles but are a nuisance insect. Though harmless, there are numerous reasons to avoid their presence. That’s why we’ve gathered our top expert advice on removing Boxelder Bugs. 

Where are Boxelder Bugs Found? 

Boxelder bugs, scientifically known as Boisea trivittata, are small insects commonly found in North America. These bugs often gather in large numbers, especially around boxelder trees (hence their name), maple trees, and ash trees, where they feed on the seeds, leaves, and sap. They tend to become a nuisance when the weather shifts from warm to cool temperatures. During the fall, these bugs seek shelter for the winter and may enter homes through small cracks, gaps, or openings around windows and doors. They congregate on the sunny sides of buildings, seeking warmth. When they invade homes, they don’t cause structural damage or harm to humans but can become a significant annoyance. 

Tips For Getting Rid of Boxelder Bugs 

Dealing with boxelder bugs invading your home can be a bothersome ordeal. However, by understanding their behavior and implementing preventive measures, homeowners can significantly reduce these pests’ impact. Here are some effective methods to eliminate and prevent boxelder bugs from infesting your home: 

  • Seal Entry Points: These pests can infiltrate your home, nesting rapidly within walls and behind siding as they prepare for winter hibernation. However, winter heating might confuse Box Bugs, making them believe it’s spring, emerging from hibernation within your walls and invading your living areas. 
  • Remove Debris: Clean up any leaves, debris, or fallen fruits around the house, as they attract Boxelder Bugs. 
  • Vacuuming/Sweeping: Fortunately, Boxelder Bugs aren’t harmful and can be easily cleared away if discovered indoors. Just sweep them up or use a vacuum cleaner to remove Boxelder Bugs indoors. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum or trash bag promptly. 
  • Repair Screens: Fix any damage or holes in window and door screens to stop pests from entering your home. 
  • Professional Pest Control: Seek assistance from a professional pest control service to effectively manage boxelder bug infestations. 

Expert Pest Control with American Pest Management 

Routine inspections, sealing entryways, and keeping a tidy environment in and around the house are crucial measures to alleviate boxelder bug infestations. For persistent problems, you can rely on the experts at American Pest Management to keep your home pest-free. We’re a local pest exterminator with over 43 years of experience serving our community with reliable, effective, eco-friendly pest solutions with the long-term results you expect. For a free quote, call us today! 

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