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Protect your home with Sentricon. One-in-five homes in Kansas are at risk for termites.

What is Sentricon?

Sentricon is a termite control bait system that is designed to poison and eliminate entire colonies of termites. It is the number one termite control product on the market. While traditional methods of termite control were created to keep the pests out of your home, Sentricon is manufactured to be a more attractive food source than regular wood. In fact, given a choice, termites choose Sentricon ten-to-one over wood. Once a scout termite discovers the Sentricon bait near your home, they will redirect their comrades to scavenge it instead of your support beams.

In time, the bait will make its way back into the termite colony where the entire community will feast upon the poison. The active ingredient in Sentricon leaves termites helpless. After ingesting it, they cannot eat or reproduce. The queen will die and the colony will disperse.

Sentricon Stops and Prevents Termite Attacks

Home insurance rarely covers termite damage, but termites invade nearly 5 million US homes every year. Unfortunately, termite damage often goes unnoticed until it is severe. By the time you discover a termite infestation in your home, they have likely caused hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of damage that your insurance may not cover.

Sentricon protects your home 24/7/365. It has been the number one treatment for termite control since it was introduced in the 1990s. It currently protects more than 3 million homes worldwide, and unlike liquid barrier treatments, its effectiveness does not degrade over time.

Sentricon stations are installed in a circle around your home a few feet apart. It is a smart bait system that kills and eliminates termite colonies. It eliminates threats instead of just creating a barrier.Installing Sentricon

American Pest Management, Inc. is a Certified Sentricon Specialist. If you are interested in starting treatment, please request a free pest evaluation. One of our pest control technicians will come to your home to inspect your property. Together, we will decide on the best treatment options available for you and your family.

Sentricon bait stations are installed in a ring around your property, creating a circle of protection. Depending on the size of your property, one pest control technician can usually install the stations in about an hour. Since we won’t need access to your home during installation, you don’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts.

Our specialists will continue to check on the stations throughout the year to make sure the bait is full and the station is functioning properly.

Do-It-Yourself Termite Control Bait Treatment

Over-the-counter treatments are not as effective as Sentricon. No over-the-counter treatment for termites has been proven to eliminate the colony entirely, leaving your home at risk for infestation if a lapse in care occurs. There is no substitute for the best, and Sentricon is it.

5 Ways Sentricon Is Better Than A Liquid Barrier Treatment

Sentricon bait system avoids the need to dig a trench around your home like a traditional liquid barrier system would require.


When installing a conventional liquid barrier around your home, pest professionals often have to dig a 6-inch wide and 6-inch deep trench around the exterior foundation. This can cause disruption to your landscaping and soil grade around your home. When American Pest Management, Inc. installs the Sentricon Stations around your home, no trenching is necessary, leaving your home protected without affecting your landscaping.

Sentricon bait system keeps you from having to drill holes into your concrete like a traditional liquid barrier system requires you to for termite treatment.


A conventional liquid treatment requires holes to be drilled into the concrete every 12-18 inches in areas where termites could invade your home. In some cases, holes are drilled through your foundation, cinder block walls, front porch, tile floors and the brick veneer to allow access for chemicals to be injected where they will be most effective. American Pest Management, Inc. prefers the Sentricon System because it is rare that any holes need to be drilled into the concrete that provides the structural foundation for your home. Termites don’t damage the concrete, why should we?

Sentricon bait system keeps you from dumping hundreds of gallons of chemicals into your yard like traditional liquid barrier systems require you to. It's the smarter termite control option.


A conventional liquid treatment requires on average 250-300 gallons of chemical to be injected into the ground. The Sentricon System requires no liquid chemicals to be injected into the ground, eliminating any chances of contaminating water sources, poisoning plants, and removing the need of chemicals to set next to your most valuable asset, your home! By utilizing the Sentricon System as the preferred method of treatment over the past 15 years, American Pest Management, Inc. has saved 1,500,000 gallons of chemicals from being injected into our soil.

Sentricon bait system doesn't require chemicals to be poured into your lawn.


A liquid treatment requires an average of 250-300 gallons of chemical to be used around your home. Trucks full of chemicals are parked outside your home. If a spill happens, 100-300 gallons of chemicals could be introduced into sewer systems or into our soil if not handled properly. With Sentricon, hundreds of gallons of chemicals aren’t necessary. American Pest Management, Inc. has actually incorporated 4 cars into our fleet due to choosing the Sentricon System as our preferred termite control method. We are not only using fewer chemicals, we are also choosing to be energy efficient!

Sentricon bait system is much faster to install than a traditional liquid barrier system. You don't even have to be home when our technicians come to install, so no more scheduling conflicts to figure out. It's the smarter termite control option.


It can take 4-6 hours for one technician to perform a conventional liquid barrier treatment. Trips in and out of your home will also be necessary. With the Sentricon System one technician can usually install the bait traps in less an hour. Sentricon is simpler and easier than liquid treatment, and it won’t break down over time if maintained. In a preventative situation, our technician does not have to enter your home during installation.

Sentricon® is a registered trademark of Dow Agrosciences