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At American Pest Management, we offer eco-friendly pest control service options. Our people live in this area too, and are invested in seeing it preserved for the next generation. If you have pests and want them gone, you shouldn’t have to compromise your values – our green pest control options are highly effective, offering immediate relief and long-term protection.

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We are Green Shield-certified and members of:

  • U.S. EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program
  • National Pest Management Association
  • Kansas Pest Control Association
  • Entomological Association of America
  • Integrated Pest Management of North America

Looking for Eco-Friendly Exterminators?

American Pest Management is a member of the U.S. EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP), which partners with pesticide users to reduce potential health and environmental risks associated with pesticide use.

We proudly use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques as an important part of our eco-friendly pest control program. IPM is the practice of solving pest problems with tactics like habitat elimination, removing resources, and using an advanced understanding of pest behavior and biology against them.

With IPM, pesticides are used strategically. If it is determined that your pest problem can only be resolved with the use of pesticides, American Pest Management will select pesticides that are recognized as green or organic. Additionally, we will apply them where they’re sure to have the maximum impact.

Our Integrated Pest Management process includes:

  • Inspection of premises to detect infestations and high-risk areas
  • Selection and application of pest control products to target the problem, while protecting your family and the environment
  • Placement of exterior bait stations
  • Recommendations for going forward to help ensure a pest-free** environment 

Natural Pest Control Starts with Exclusion and Prevention

When it comes to pests, rodents, and wildlife, the most natural way to treat a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place through IPM-techniques like habitat and resource removal. Additionally, we also emphasize exclusion and ongoing prevention as part of any green pest control program.

Our experienced team of pest control technicians will not only prevent pests’ entry to your house or building but will also repair damages caused by wood-destroying insects and nuisance wildlife and provide cleanup services.

Green Pest Control Services for Businesses

Pest infestations can cause health problems to employees and clients, as well as economic loss through damaged stock and equipment. Our customized, cost-effective pest management program complies with industry regulations including HACCP and AIB. 

Our commercial pest control experts are experienced in providing eco-friendly extermination services to a wide variety of industries. If your industry requires highly sensitive pest control applications, you can be sure we’ll follow instructions exactly.

We have extensive experience working with businesses in these industries and more:

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We offer better and smarter eco-friendly extermination services to eliminate rodents, insects, and other pests from Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas area homes and businesses.

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