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Multi-unit residential property management can have unique pest pressures due to different styles of tenants, types of properties, and quantity of properties/units. Whether you have a high turnover property, pet-friendly units, have minimal issues, or you are just looking for preventative protection for your tenants, we have a property management pest control program that fits your management needs.

American Pest Management has four custom-built property management pest control programs that cover everything from bed bugs to termites. After your free pest evaluation by a Quality Pro Certified Pest Technician, we will be able to discuss what program options are best for you. Choosing the right program for your property will depend on the current evaluation and the property’s history with fleas, bed bugs, and rodents.

The great thing about our multi-unit residential programs is that they all include quarterly interior visits and semi-annual exterior services for preventative control of crawling pests. Do you need protection for those structure-damaging pests? Termite protection can be added to all levels of service.