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Quarterly Treatment

Applying Repellent Granules: Granules work by releasing fumes into the air that affect the snake’s Jacobson’s organ which interrupts their sensory receptor.

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Snake Removal

American Pest Management has multiple technicians at the ready to remove snakes from your home!

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Humane Relocation

After we remove snakes from your home we relocate them. Locations of relocation vary depending on the snake, however, we are able to relocate to willing farmlands, zoos, reptile shops, or at wildlife parks.

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30+ Snakes removed from Clay Center Home

Imagine walking out of your bedroom in the middle of the night and finding snakes crawling on your kitchen floor or hiding in your closet. Some would find it amusing, most would find it terrifying! That was the exact situation that occurred at a rural home around Clay Center, KS. The homeowner knew they needed help with snake removal and contacted American Pest Management, Inc.

All You Need to Know About Snakes

Check out our snake identification guide and get answers to the most common questions we receive about snakes. Our guide is tailored to snakes found in Kansas to give you the most relevant information.

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