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Something You Should Know! Termites do more than $5 Billion dollars in damage to structures each year. That is more monetary value than all-natural disasters combined! Termites live in nearly every state in the U.S. and are active all year long, 24-7.

Common Misconception

It’s a common misconception that if a house is treated one time, it is good for life. However, liquid termite treatments generally last three to five years.

You only need to treat the area that the termites are feeding to eliminate a termite infestation. Termites are continuous foragers and use pheromones to communicate. If only one area is treated and termites mark that area as a danger zone, they could essentially move over a few feet and reinvade the home in a different area.

Termites only feed on wood. Termites will feed on any material that has cellulose in it. This included books, paper, and paintings. We have even seen them feed on rhubarb plants, they were the prettiest pink termites you could imagine.

Termites don’t travel very far. Even though termites are small, they can forage long distances for food and water. Some studies have shown eastern subterranean termites traveling up to 700 feet away from their colony.

All termites work together. In the Midwest there can be 1-5 colonies on a 1-acre area, these colonies don’t always get along! An easy way to tell if termites are in the same colony is to set up a petri dish, drop termites that were found in different areas of your yard into the petri dish and see if they fight. If they fight they are a different colony, if they don’t, they are most likely related. On the other hand, they can help each other out…If one termite colony has been eliminated, their tunnels still remain. Other colonies can reuse those tunnel systems, it’s like finding a road in the middle of nowhere.

Short Term Solution

Some simple things you can do to slow the infestation before we get to your home:Vacuum. It won't get rid of all of them, but vacuuming can reduce the group and the damage they are doing. Make sure to dispose of them outside and away from buildings. If you see Termites exiting a wall, do not cover with tape. This can actually push them to a different exit hole. Do NOT spray any area where damage or termites were found.You can actually leave them alone until we arrive. The fact is, termites are not going to do much more damage in a few hours or days than they already have done. Letting them be and calling us is our best recommendation. That way we can make a thorough inspection and create the best recommendation.

American Pest Long-Term Solution

We can determine the size of infestation and pest control needs of your home with a free, no-cost, no obligation 20-minute Pest Evaluation.With a bad infestation you, will likely need maximum treatment. We always look for permanent solutions to the problem at hand. Treatment could include wall void applications, attic treatments, tree trimming, caulking and more.For minor infestations, many times, we can come treat the problem and be out of your home the same day. However, to keep pests out of your home for good, preventative service may be recommended. Click here to view your options on termite treatment.

Service Option For Termites

Several packages are available to control Termites. Compare packages or contact us for a free estimate today.