Logs stacked in a woodpile - a great hiding place for termites

As winter marches on in Kansas, many homeowners are enjoying the opportunity to cozy up to a warm and roaring fire. But as you do that, you don’t want to bring overwintering pests like termites in with your firewood. Keeping termites out of your wood supply during the winter months can be a bit more challenging than in other seasons, due to the cold and wet weather. However, there are still several steps you can take to protect your firewood from termites during the winter.

Keep Firewood Off the Ground

One of the most effective ways to prevent termite infestations in firewood is to keep the wood off the ground. This makes it harder for termites and other wood-boring insects to gain access to the material. So stack your firewood on a raised platform or pallet to keep it away from the moisture of the soil below.

Use a Moisture Meter

Termites are attracted to wood that is moist, so it’s important to make sure your firewood is dry before storing it for the winter. Use a moisture meter, which you can buy online or at your local hardware store, to check the moisture content of your firewood and only store wood that has a moisture content of less than 20%. You can also use a moisture meter to track potential leaks in the home, making it a useful tool throughout the year.

Cover Your Firewood

Use a waterproof tarp or cover to protect your firewood from snow and rain. If the wood gets wet, it’ll be that much harder to burn. More than that, termites are more drawn to wet and rotting wood. If you make an effort to keep your firewood drier, you’ll be able to actually use it when you want, without the risk of any pests like termites boring into it.

Store Firewood Away from Your Home

We always suggest keeping firewood at least 20 feet away from the exterior of your home. This is a precaution to make sure that, even if termites and other pests get into your wood, they don’t then have access to any cracks and gaps to go directly into your home.

Regularly Inspect Your Firewood

It’s important to regularly inspect your firewood for signs of termites, such as small holes in the wood or sawdust-like material. If you notice any of these signs, take action immediately to remove the infested wood and prevent the termites from spreading.

American Pest Management for Termite Extermination

By taking steps like those above, you can help to keep termites out of your firewood during the winter months and protect your woodpile from these destructive pests. But if you do all this and still end up suspecting a termite infestation, it is always best to hire a professional exterminator. The team at American Pest Management is well-versed in termite control and removal, and we’ve been serving homes in the Manhattan, Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas area since 1979. We can treat your home for infestations of any scope, and with our help, you can make it through the winter more comfortable, and ultimately pest-free.

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