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Whatever Your Pest Problem, We can Help.

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We’ve Maintained Healthy, Pest-Free Homes in Kansas City since 1979.

American Pest Management Inc.’s affordable, guaranteed service programs are customized to fit the needs of your home or business in Kansas City. The Quality Pro Certified technicians, led by Associate Certified Entomologists and K-State graduates, have over 263 years of combined experience. From termites, bats, rats, bed bugs, spiders, ants, scorpions, gophers, moles, wasps, nuisance birds, skunks, snakes and more, American Pest has you covered in Kansas City. With that much experience and services backed by a written guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

Residential Pest Control in Kansas City, Kansas

Termite Control

Termites invade 5 million homes yearly causing $5 Billion in damages each year. Kansas City is a haven for termites due to its wet springs and warm summer weather. In fact, 1 in 5 Kansas homes are at serious risk for termites or already have them. American Pest Management uses the Sentricon System which protects your home year round. Your American Pest Management Certified Sentricon Specialist, servicing Kansas City, will regularly perform a termite inspection of your home and monitor the bait stations. With annual service visits, your system will be as effective in 20-30 years as it was on day one.

Bed Bug Control & Prevention

Bed Bug ProActive® is an innovative inspection and treatment strategy for bed bug control and prevention available in Kansas City. Developed by the pest professionals at American Pest Management. Our specially trained technicians inspect and treat your home and business to eliminate a current bed bug infestation. The Bed Bug ProActive® treatment strategies can help prevent future infestations of bed bugs. Specific bed bug treatment programs are available for businesses, residences, hotels, multi-family units and senior living in Kansas City.

Bird & Wildlife Control

Backyard, venue or general outdoor bug control is essential to a summer outdoors in Kansas City. Fight those bug bites with a seasonal or one-time mosquito control treatment program designed to treat a wide-range of pests including mosquitoes, fleas, chiggers and ticks. A certified American Pest Management technician will inspect your property, including the house itself, as well as the yard. Next, they will treat pests in all cycles of growth in order to eliminate current bugs, as well as further breeding. A one-time treatment in Kansas City can last up to a month based on your conditions.

Outdoor Biting Insect Control

Wildlife control needs are varied in Kansas City. At American Pest Management, we treat each situation individually and build a plan based on your needs. We custom build a treatment plan by first evaluating the wildlife infestation at your home. Then we create a detailed proposal that includes pricing and suggested actions. Next we work to secure your home against unwanted guests. We humanely trap and release animals far away from your property in Kansas City to avoid a future infestation. All holes are then patched and deterrents are put up to ensure the animals will not infest your home again.

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Commercial Pest Control in Kansas City, Kansas

Property Management

American Pest Management has four custom built programs that treat everything from bed bugs to termites to fit the very unique multi-unit residential property management situations in Kansas City. After your free pest evaluation by a Quality Pro Certified Pest Technician in Kansas City, we will discuss your recommended program options. All programs include quarterly interior visits and semi-annual exterior services for preventative control of crawling pests. Termite protection can be added to all levels of service in Kansas City.

Food Service

A cockroach, fly or rodent seen by a customer can be catastrophic when food safety is a concern in Kansas City. At American Pest Management, we understand that passing audit requirements, following increased government regulations, and meeting documentation expectations demand a strategic pest management approach. We’ve devised four unique programs and will discuss which is best for you after your free pest evaluation by a Quality Pro Certified Pest Technician in Kansas City.

Office & Business

Protecting your commercial property in Kansas City is about protecting the building and also your image and brand. That’s why we’ve built a program that automatically covers many of the common pests in Kansas City, but includes coverage based on your type of commercial building. Our programs cover the following pests: Cockroaches, Common Ants, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Silverfish, Ground Beetles, Spiders, Wasps and Common Stinging Insects, Millipedes, Centipedes, Boxelder Bugs, Ground Beetles, Pillbugs, Sowbugs, Rats, and Mice. You can also add on termite, wildlife, bed bug and bird coverage as needed.

Termite Control for Builders

Protect the property you’re building in Kansas City from the foundation to the roof. American Pest Management has three options for termite protection during construction. They include a liquid application before the structure is built, a wood treatment applied when the building is in the dried-in phase, and a baiting system featuring Sentricon® that is installed post-landscaping. All treatments include a 5-Year Guarantee with the option for the property owner in Kansas City to renew.


Healthcare facilities in Kansas City may be sterilized and clean, but they are not immune to pests. We take into consideration that your building needs special care and treatment designed for you, your patients, clients and employees. That’s why at American Pest Management, we start with a free pest evaluation to determine the service that fits your facility and needs. We will discuss the best options available to you in Kansas City.

Hotel & Hospitality

At American Pest Management in Kansas City, we know your number one priority is caring for your guests as well as keeping them coming back. That’s why we’ve designed specific programs to consistently treat and eliminate crawling pests, ensuring that your guests encounter safe, pest-free lodging and dining experiences. After a pest evaluation, we will walk through the best treatment plans available for your business in Kansas City.

A Professional Team for Professional Results

Have an infestation on your hands? You need help fast. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with insects, rodents, bats, birds, snakes or other wildlife, the sooner you can get the pests gone for good, the better.

At American Pest Management Inc., we understand. We are the commercial and residential pest control company that knows how to eliminate the problem and restore your peace of mind. Come to us for expert pest control services in Kansas City, KS, and surrounding states.

When it comes to pest control services, American Pest Management Inc. has over 263 years dealing with and eliminating all kinds of pests. Our technicians know how to take care of your pest issue and keep the pests at bay. Our residential and commercial pest control company is also proud to be a part of some great industry organizations to bring you the highest-quality service and products.