During our American Pest Management, Inc. annual meeting, we were presented with a very special gift
from our APM Family. Our company has been in business for just over 40 years, which may seem like a
tiresome lifetime to some of you, but to say it has been easy is an understatement, and to say coming to
work every day is a pleasure, is nothing but the truth. How many business owners can say that? How
many can even fathom that? There aren’t words for receiving a gift like this – the bench, of course, but
also this gift of speechlessness, this gift of timeless loyalty and kinship.

Our Bench

More Than a Bench

“Our Bench” symbolizes not only the past, present, and future, but also the values and expectations that
we strive to instill in our #APMFamily on a daily basis, those which have made the last 40 years seem like
one long family gathering – the kind you won’t ever forget.

“Our Bench” is set, metaphorically and literally, on a solid foundation. The frame, which was donated by
a longtime client, was repurposed to represent our leadership team and client loyalty. Without those
who believe in, and encourage, others to be their best, our company would not be where it is today.

The three American Pest Management logos that appear on “Our Bench” serve to remind us of our past,
the hard work it has taken us to get where we are today, and what’s in store for us in the future. Other
logos on the back of “Our Bench” represent our manufacturers and distributors we’ve grown steadfast
working relationships with from day one.

Behind the Bolts

The bolts that hold the frame together symbolize the many integral members of our APM Team. Though
these bolts point in different directions, holding various parts together – some behind the scenes and
some in the foreground – they work in conjunction to support each and every one of us.

The scratches on the tailgate represent the hard work and diligence required to do what we do every
day. All of the imperfections – some jagged, some smooth – are different, just like the jobs we perform
every day, as well as we as individuals are. Sometimes, like in life, what we face on the job at APM goes
off without a hitch and other times we have to dig deeper to find a solution.

Finally, the seat. Perhaps the most important part of “Our Bench,” donated by a longtime
builder that uses our services, provides us all with a place to collect and ruminate on information, reflect
on our days, and dream up new ideas.

We Are Family

“Our Bench” is one of a kind. It represents what we are, who we are, and what we strive to be: a
company with a strong history, that cares for its family, and is always looking for the best solution. Our
#APMFamily truly captured what it means to be us with this gift, as well as what it means to help people
like you, our supporters, and it will be cherished for years to come. A forever reminder of what 40 years
can mean if you spend it with the right people.

Behind “Our Bench” Serving Manhattan and Wichita

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