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Custom Programs

Most of our custom programs are built around bird or wildlife control. Because these needs can be so varied, we prefer to assess each situation individually and then create a bespoke treatment plan based on individual needs.

    How Custom-Built Programs and Wildlife Control Works

  • First, we evaluate the wildlife infestation at your home.
  • Second, we create a detailed proposal that includes pricing and suggested actions
  • Third, we get to work securing your home against unwanted guests. We humanely trap and release animals far away from your property to avoid a future infestation. Next, we patch holes and put up deterrents to ensure the animals will not infest your home again.
  • Fourth, we help clean up any mess that the wildlife left behind.

Bird Control

If unwanted birds, geese, or pigeons are roosting on your buildings or in your green space, you already know what a nuisance they can be. Aside from the overall noise and distraction, unwanted birds leave droppings, feathers and debris everywhere. It is unsightly and unsanitary. The droppings alone can carry disease: histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, salmonella, and psittacosis.

If your property has become subject to a bird infestation – don’t delay – call American Pest Management, Inc. before it gets any worse. We are a full-service bird control specialist and will help rid your property of any pesky, winged intruders.

Whether your problem is starlings, pigeons or swallows, American Pest will design an effective means of getting rid of them and create a deterrent that ensures the birds don’t come back. Our highly trained bird experts utilize a wide array of tools and techniques to accomplish this including:

  • Netting
  • Thermal and Automatic Misting Repellent Services
  • Wires and spikes-to deter the birds from roosting
  • Bird Slide
  • Low Profile Shock Track Repellent
  • Noise devices

    Humane Removal

At American Pest Management, Inc., we understand that you want to rid yourself of this nuisance without harming the birds. We take a humanitarian approach to bird control and whenever possible will remove the offending birds without harming a feather.
Whether you have a stadium, carport, awning, or public area that you want to be protected from nuisance birds, American Pest Management, Inc. will remove them humanely, effectively, and efficiently.

American Pest Management, Inc. is fully licensed and insured and offers free pest evaluations. We provide written proposals and estimates for each bird control solution. Each solution proposal lays out price and methods with no hidden fees!

Wildlife Control

A mole pokes out of its hole and bares its teeth. American Pest Management humanely helps control wildlife populations through a series of prevention, trapping, and removal services.

A mole pokes its head out of its hole and bares its teeth. If you have moles making holes in your backyard, you’ll want to remove them as soon as possible. They can do great damage to green spaces.

Unfortunately, four legged animals can become pests as well. We call these pests, nuisance pests or wildlife. American Pest Management, Inc. specializes in humanely removing unwanted wildlife. Squirrels, bats, mice, rats, raccoons, skunks, moles, voles and more often find their way onto our properties or even our homes! Nuisance wildlife can easily cause a lot of damage to your home, property or green space. They can spread diseases like rabies through their bite and parasites and illness through their feces. We specialize in numerous ways to prevent unwanted, nuisance wildlife from getting into your home, as well as removing wildlife that has already taken up residence there:


To effectively remove animals from your home or property, American Pest Management, Inc. offers humane trapping methods to safely remove nuisance pests. Traps will be properly set with bait in strategic areas to catch any unwanted wildlife.


Some unwanted animals like mice can enter your home through a hole the diameter of your pinky finger. American Pest Management, Inc. offers many methods in exclusion to make sure your home is secure from unwanted wildlife.

Exclusion means filling holes in your home’s exterior to prevent nuisance pests from entering. Using foam, caulking, steel wool, and construction techniques, we can seal up just about anything around your home. We are happy to install or offer suggestions on the installation of recommended exclusion tactics.

Wildlife control through prevention is important. Here, Travis Aggson of American Pest Management Inc. performs exclusion or pest preventative measures to a home. If a pest can't get into your home, it can't infest it.

An American Pest technician applies a brush seal to a garage door. Brush seals are a good exclusion tactic to prevent bugs and mice from entering your home by crawling under your garage door.

We are also experts in locating entry points for nuisance wildlife. Our services vary greatly based upon environment, but it is our goal to find the solution that permanently prevents any animal from getting into your home.

    Wildlife Control Cleanup & Sanitization

Unfortunately, after you remove nuisance wildlife from your home, you still have to deal with the feces and waste they left behind. Mice, rats, or other animal droppings require professional cleanup and sanitization to prevent any spreading of the bacteria and diseases that they carry. With American Pest Management, Inc., you can rest assured that your home will be cleaned and sanitized so that you can enjoy your living space again. We use the most advanced solutions, and materials to clean up the areas with waste. This program is limited to certain areas, cleanup and sanitization will be included.

Wildlife Control Service Area

We provide residential and commercial grade pest control to areas surrounding Manhattan and Wichita, Kansas. However, for special projects, we do travel across the Midwest and Texas. Special projects typically deal with bird control, termite control, and/or bed bug control. We service Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri in addition to our normal pest control service area.

We offer special pest control services and wildlife control services across the Midwest and Texas. These services typically deal with bed bug control, termite control, or bird control.