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Peggy Avilez
Regional Manager
American Pest Management Inc.

This month’s Member of the Month is Peggy Avilez, Regional Manager with American Pest Management. She has been with American Pest Management for 5 years and has been involved with the Apartment Association of Greater Wichita (AAGW) for almost 4 years. Peggy was also recently elected to serve on the 2020/2021 Board of Directors.

Her dedication and customer service are nearly, never surpassed and anyone who meets Peggy can feel the passion she has for our industry. She is quoted saying “I have a servant’s heart and enjoy helping and anticipating the needs of my clients whenever I can.”

Her favorite event hosted by the AAGW is a tossup between the annual Trade Show and the Round for Hope Golf Tournament. She says she is impressed with the involvement at these two events and all of the creativity that everyone brings to make them a success. Thank You, Peggy for your continued support and dedication to the AAGW!

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Written By: Cody Stout, Monarch Investment & Management Group