House flies are not only nuisance pests while buzzing around homes, but they are potential disease carriers. Nuisance house flies have short lifespans, but they can quickly reproduce in large numbers.

Types of House Flies

Many types of flies exist in our area, including house flies, fruit flies, drain flies, and more. The most common sign of a house fly infestation is the presence of the flies, themselves. Along with seeing house flies, people may hear them around the home. They produce a buzzing sounds which are a result of their two wings beating together. 

Life of a Housefly

It’s a popular rumor that the common housefly lives for only 24 hours. However, the common house fly adult will typically live for two to three weeks! House flies do not bite, but they are capable of transferring more than 100 different pathogens. House flies contaminate food surfaces by spreading disease organisms picked up on their legs and mouths when feeding on trash, feces and other decaying substances. 

It is normal for house flies to move 20 miles from where they were hatched, but they typically stay within a mile of their birthplace. They are prominent in rural environments due to their attraction to manure and other organic matter. You can find house flies in other areas of filth such as garbage and sewage. House flies take advantage of structural issues, such as damaged weather stripping or torn screens, in order to enter a household. Air currents and orders typically attract these pests to buildings. 

How to prevent a fly infestation:

  • Keep your home clean.
  • Remove kitchen trash every day and keep kitchen counters clean.
  • Immediately remove rotting food from your home.
  • Use fine mesh screens on doors and windows, repair any rips or tears in screens.
  • If you have dogs, horses or other animals near the home, remove feces from the yard and surrounding areas.

Treat Nuisance Flies

If you suspect or discover a fly infestation on your property, call us at 1-800-784-8287 to properly assess the situation and develop a plan of action. You can also download our DIY Pest Guide to learn more about fly prevention and treatments. 

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