Total release foggers, also known as “bug bombs,” are pesticide products containing aerosol propellants that release their contents at once to fumigate an area. 

The most important step to using any fogger treatment in your home is to READ THE LABEL. Those of us in the pest control industry have a phrase that we use all the time that describes the importance of the label: The label is the law! The label will tell you the exact steps to effectively use a total release fogger. These products generally must come into contact with an insect to kill it. If the insect is buried deeply into cracks and crevices, the fogger may not reach it.


A common mistake made when using a fogger treatment is the tendency over-apply. It’s easy to assume that if a small amount of a product works, then a whole bunch will work even better. This is not true. Not only will using more be ineffective, it can put you in danger. 


Here are a few tips when using pesticides or foggers:


  • Cover fish tanks and turn off pumps.
  • Place toothbrushes in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Don’t just treat one room. Foggers are repellent to insects. It is very likely you will chase the insects from room to room if you do not treat the whole house.
  • Never stay in the home while fogging. Everyone must leave the home. 
  • Keep foggers away from ignition sources.
  • Upon return to the treated area, open the doors and windows to ventilate any remaining fumes.


It may take a professional to permanently rid your home of fleas, roaches, and bed bugs. If you have tried using total release foggers with limited success, please give us a call at 1-800-784-8287. Download our DIY Pest Guide to learn more about DIY fogger treatments. For additional information about pesticides and poisoning prevention, please contact the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC)The label is the law

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